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Vote "No" on HB 3293

HB 3293 amends the Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act and seeks to hold general contractors and subcontractors liable for wage claims at any tier on a private construction project. We are opposed to this legislation for the following reasons:

  • If a prime contractor is responsible for the payment of wages by subcontractors several tiers down the line, general contractors will likely require contractual indemnification from first tier subcontractors; which will significantly increase necessary paperwork.
  • HB 3293 creates an incentive for general contractors to self-perform more work and not hire subcontractors in an effort to limit their liability; which will diminish opportunities for subcontractors.
  • This legislation will create a barrier of entry for small businesses by encouraging general contractors to work with more financially established companies.
  • This legislation will increase the overall cost of construction by increasing the liability to prime contractors who may increase prices to pay for the additional risk. 
  • Construction costs will also increase as a result of increased litigation between subcontractors at various tiers and general contractors over who has the liability to wage claimants.

*HB 3293 was approved by the House Executive Committee.  However, the Illinois General Assembly adjourned without passing the bill.  HB 3293 awaits a concurrence vote in the House, and it will likely be addressed when legislators return in January.  Legislators are scheduled to return to Springfield on January 4th to start the spring 2022 legislative session.  We will continue to keep everyone updated on the status of this bill and how you can help us oppose HB 3293.

Other Legislation

Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

The House passed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act by a 228-206 vote on November 5, 2021. Once signed, the bill will provide $550 billion in new funding for roads, bridges, public transit and other projects in coming years. The bill is the biggest investment in infrastructure in decades, and some economists believe it could boost productivity and economic growth over the longer haul.


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