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May 20, 2019

Governor Pritzker's "Rebuild Illinois" Capital Plan - Details Released

Governor Pritzker has proposed a 6-year, $41.5 billion capital plan, titled “Rebuild Illinois” that includes funding for both horizontal (transportation related projects) and vertical construction projects.  

The proposal released on Friday includes the following funding allocations for capital projects: 

  • Transportation: $28.6 billion 
  • Education: $5.9 billion 
  • Deferred maintenance on state facilities: $4.4 billion 
  • Environment and conservation: $1 billion 
  • Broadband development: $420 million 
  • Healthcare and human services: $440 million 
  • Economic and community development: $711 million

The proposal also included proposed funding mechanisms that include a combination of bonding and $1.8 billion in new or higher taxes. 

The proposed taxes include:
  • Raising the motor fuel tax by 19 cents per gallon
  • Raising vehicle registration fees based on a tiered system: $199 for vehicles 3 years old or newer, $169 for vehicles 4-6 years old, $139 for vehicles 7-11 years old and $109 for vehicles 12 years and older (Projected $490 million a year)
  • Raising the registration fee for electric vehicles from $34 to $250 per year (Projected $4 million a year)
  • Raising the Real Estate Transfer Tax on non-residential properties from 50 cents per $500 to $1 per $500 (Projected $34 million a year)
  • Raising liquor gallonage taxes (Projected $120 million a year)
  • Capping the traded in sales tax exemption at $10,000 per trade-in transaction (Projected $60 million a year)
  • Restructuring video gaming terminal tax (Projected $90 million a year)
  • New state tax on ridesharing services (Uber, Lyft) of $1 per ride (Projected $214 million a year)
  • New 7% tax on cable, satellite and other streaming services (Projected $150 million a year)
  • Parking garage tax of 6% on daily and hourly garage parking and 9% tax on monthly and annual garage parking (Projected $60 million a year)

The plan released Friday also lists some of the proposed construction projects throughout the state. The Pritzker Administration has stated this proposal is a continued work in progress and all projects and funding mechanisms will continue to be debated with stakeholders. The proposals listed here will likely change as lawmakers and other interested parties continue to hash out the details of a final capital plan. We anticipate seeing the Governor’s capital plan introduced as legislation within the next couple of days. As a reminder, the Illinois General Assembly is scheduled to adjourn May 31st. Lawmakers have a lot of work to complete in the next eleven days. 

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May 8, 2019

Live Recording Now Available! WEBINAR: Unfunded Pension Liability

Yesterday's live webinar on Unfunded Pension Liability has been recorded and is now available in the Education section. 

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Apr 2, 2019

NCIFTI Training Opportunities Now Available for April & May

Classes are now available at the NCIFTI for April and May. Classes include OSHA 30, Fall Protection, Supported Scaffold User along with many others. Class sizes are limited, so please contact the NCIFTI to reserve your spot and ensure class availability. 

To register for an upcoming class, contact the NCIFTI Office by phone (630.966.1451) or email (vperez@pdc30.com), or log into the My Union Member website (www.pdc30.com) to register online.

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Mar 25, 2019

Webinar Now Available! Watch the Recording of "Understanding & Negotiating Important Provisions in Construction Contracts"

This webinar will review and discuss important provisions in Illinois construction contracts, along with suggestions for negotiating the provisions from all perspectives. 

With the ever-growing pressures of completing the work on time and on budget, together with an increase in mixed job sites, project managers, business owners, developers, contractors, and general contractors need to review and revise their “standard” construction contracts to ensure all work is completed without disruption.
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Mar 13, 2019

SB 1636 - Retainage Reform - Passed the Senate Judiciary Committee

IMSCA’s initiative, SB 1636 seeking retainage reform passed the Senate Judiciary Committee today on a vote of 7-2. The bill now advances to the Senate floor where it will be heard by the full Senate. If you haven’t already reached out to your Senator asking for their support and a “yes” vote – now is the time.  

As a reminder, SB 1636 amends the Contractor Prompt Payment Act and allows retainage to be withheld at a rate of 10% for the first half of a construction project, but has to be reduced to 5% once the project is completed. This bill will only apply to private, commercial construction projects. 

Legislators listen to feedback from their constituents and your voice in reaching out to your Senator will be very helpful to our efforts in Springfield. If you don’t know who your legislator is, you can use this link to find out: https://www.elections.il.gov/districtlocator/addressfinder.aspx 

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