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Peer Groups Specifically for Signatory Contractors

From FCA International - finishingcontractors.org

Jan 19, 2022

Many FCA International members have requested a peer group structure for signatory business owners and executives. While there are many opportunities to be involved in peer groups, there are not many options strictly for the betterment of signatory contractors and the obstacles they face. The finishing industry community has created a platform for signatory contractors and industry stakeholders to support each other.   

The premise behind peer groups is simple: fellow business owners and executives will often face similar challenges in their professional roles, provide objective advice and perspectives in ways that employees and customers cannot. When it comes to high level strategy for your business, peer groups can not only help you to innovate and grow, but they can also help you to stay accountable to your goals.

FCA International will be holding its first Peer Group Meetings during the upcoming FCA International Leadership Council at Las Vegas’ The Wynn Hotel from March 23-26. Interested contractors should fill out the below application, and read on for more information on peer groups and their value for signatory contractors.

Click here to join a Finishing Industry Peer Group 

Note – Applications Due by Jan. 31!

About Finishing Industry Peer Groups

The Finishing Industry Peer Groups are networking groups of approximately 10 members (from non-competing companies) who get together in a more informal setting to share experiences, learn from peers, overcome challenges, broaden your thoughts and prospective, provide accountability and enhance your personal skills.

Why Signatory Contractors Are Asking for Peer Groups

The main purpose of the platform is to create an environment for non-competitive business owners to share ideas, solve problems and support one another. In 1743, Benjamin Franklin formed one of the first “Peer Groups” in the United States when he started the American Philosophical Society. Franklin described this society as one of mutual improvement, whose purpose is to promote knowledge and thought between leaders from around the world. Still active today, this peer group has affected numerous positive changes in the community, state and country as well as many philanthropic endeavors. Franklin recognized the value in different perspectives from different, like-minded individuals. 

Today, many organizations utilize the peer group format to provide leaders an avenue to share ideas, provide honest feedback, solve problems and gain insight from like-minded individuals with diverse industry backgrounds. These groups are constructed to be areas where trust is built amongst the members, fostering deeper levels of sharing, care and connection. The life of a business owner can be challenging, rewarding, taxing, stressful and even isolating depending on the day. By joining a peer group, you will build relationships with a group of peers in a similar boat as you.

Your involvement with these peers will help you grow into an even better business leader. As you consider joining a peer group, remember – peer groups only provide value to those who are committed. This means attending meetings regularly, helping your peers whenever possible and being open about your own problems and concerns with your business. In short, you will get out of it what you put in. 

If you are interested in joining a finishing industry peer group, you must be willing to; 

  1. Attend all meetings in person or virtual (unless critical personal or company-related matters prevent you from doing so). You must also come to those meetings prepared to discuss the agenda topics.
  2. Comply with FCA’s Anti-Trust Guidelines while in Group meetings.
  3. Treat information obtained and matters discussed during Group meetings as extremely confidential.
  4. Share your personal and company information relative to the agenda topics discussed during Group meetings, and you should be willing to contribute to discussion points raised during these meetings.

The key to any successful peer group is its members, sometimes it takes a bit of trial and error to find the right fit. FCA International will initiate the peer groups and provide support needed for the groups, including providing a moderator. However, the direction of the peer groups will be decided and led by the group itself. It will be under the direction of the peer group to identify the main goals, outline the group’s commitment requirements, ensure utmost confidentiality, foster a spirit of collaboration and maintain positive group dynamics. If you would like to participate in a Finishing Industry Peer Group, click here to submit your information by Jan. 31. The first face to face meeting of each group will take place during this year’s International Leadership Council at Las Vegas’ Wynn hotel on March 23-36.

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