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Start Date: 4/16/2020 5:00 PM
Event Location
The Westin Hotel, Lombard
FCAI Supplier Trade Show
Start Date: 4/21/2020
Event Location
WeaverRidge Golf Course, Peoria
Central Chapter Supplier Trade Show
Start Date: 6/18/2020
Event Location
Paramount's Meyer Ballroom, Downtown Aurora
FCAI Larry Nedrow Scholarship Awards Night
Start Date: 7/17/2020
Event Location
Orchard Valley Golf Course, Aurora
FCAI Golf Outing

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FCAI History

FCA of Illinois was started by union painting and drywall contractors in Northern Illinois who envisioned an alliance with the National Finishing Contractors Association (FCA) www.finishingcontractors.org. The FCA itself was a young organization, started only a few years earlier, and was formed to exclusively serve union finishing contractors.

A Board of Directors for the new FCAI was formed and had their first meeting in February 2002. These eight directors were also the first members of the fledgling group. During subsequent years, new members were added and programs were developed.

In 2004, FCAI took over the responsibility for contractor negotiations with District Council No. 30 from the local PDCA organization. The local PDCA then disbanded.

FCAI grew to about 180 members by 2008 and became one of the largest, most respected, and strongest union finishing contractor organizations in the country.

Throughout its short history, FCAI has been closely aligned with NiPDi, the Northern Illinois Painting & Drywall Institute, an industry promotion fund, sharing many programs, facilities, and staff.

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