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Logo and Proper Usage

FCAI Logo and Proper Usage

Represent the Finishing Contractors Association of Illinois (FCAI) proudly.

The FCA of Illinois logo represents three areas of contractor member specialization –  painting, drywall, and glazing. The use of primary colors demonstrates the enthusiasm, inspiration, and expertise an FCA of Illinois union contractor brings to each job. The FCAI logo is available digitally for its members.  Please contact the office to obtain copies of our logos for use on clothing and work gear.

For MEMBERS – Print and Digital Use:


FCA International Logo and Proper Usage

A common branding of your international association is another example of your belief of our industry. I am reminded of the saying, “Be an example of your beliefs—use words if you must,” as we know our actions speak louder than words.
—Anthony Darkangelo, Chief Executive Officer, FCA International

Represent FCA International proudly. The FCA International logo is now available digitally to our members. Before using this logo, please refer to the FCA Brand Manual, located on the FCA International website, on how to properly use the FCA International logo.

FCA International Logo for Print and Digital:

Finishing Contractors Association of Illinois

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