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Let FCAI help you. Simply click on the Contractor Directory for a painting contractor, drywall contractor, specialty contractor or industry supplier in your area.

  1. Union Dues—You must be a Painters District Council #30 contractor in good standing.
  2. Industry Fund Contributions — You must be an FCAI Contributor in good standing.
  3. Union Contractors are bonded and insured to protect the customer, are highly respected within the construction industry and have completed on-the-job training under the watchful eye of professionals in the industry.

FCAI Professional Painting and Drywall Contractors employ only skilled Union Tradesmen that: provide both the manpower and the expertise to get the job done on-time, will make sure a project is completed right the first time, pay their employees a living wage, along with pension and health benefits, subscribe to a higher level of business integrity and dedication to the industry, employ only skilled union tradesmen who have spent years mastering their craft through classroom education, employ workers with access to continuing education to enhance their already advanced skill level and care about safety and employ workers who been certified in numerous workplace safety activities.

FCAI Contractors work in all phases of the trade. They tape the drywall and decorate large commercial buildings in the cities, suburbs, and small towns of Northern Illinois. They paint the bridges, water towers, and other structures that make up our public works infrastructure. They hang wallcoverings and apply faux finishes and they remove and encapsulate the lead in older buildings—making them safe for new generations to use. Our contractors also apply durable industrial coatings to factories and industrial facilities and clean them with high-pressure equipment when needed. In addition, they paint and drywall residential buildings, both new and old.

FCAI Contractors are well-versed in their craft. Their training includes years of practical experience coupled with an intensive Apprentice Training Program. FCAI Contractors can apply any finish, hang any type of wallcovering, and can perform specialized services such as sandblasting, electrostatic spraying, and fine decorating. For commercial, industrial, or residential projects, choose an FCAI Professional Contractor. Click on the Contractor Directory to locate a contractor in your area.

Our contractors are experienced, well-trained and have a high standard of competence, dedication and integrity.

Finishing Contractors Association of Illinois

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