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Coatings Technical Advisory Committee

Coatings Technical Advisory Committee Logo

The Coating Technical Advisory Committee has been developed through a partnership between FCA of Illinois and our Associate Member Paint Companies to help our contractor members with coatings issues and/or failures.

If you are experiencing a paint failure or other coatings problem, this committee is here to help. Please submit an Issue Report Form with a detailed accounting of the product used along with the job-site type, location, indoor/outdoor environment and specifics such as temperature or humidity. Please also submit pictures so our experts can evaluate your issue properly.

We will respond to any inquiries in a timely manner.

Please send all submissions via email to Mark Palmer at

2023 Issues and Solutions
  1. Hydraulic Oil Contamination on Precast Wall (information coming soon)
  2. Metal Deck ‘Unrepairable’ Staining (information coming soon)
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