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New Legislative Update

OSHA Heat Stress Rule Update – from FCA International

Since 2021, OSHA has been working on a heat stress rule, following a decade’s worth of advocacy groups and members of Congress calling for action.
Supporters of the rule cite a changing climate and worker heat-related deaths as drivers of their concern. Outside of the rulemaking, the agency has been conducting an annual heat awareness campaign
since 2012 and enacted a heat enforcement program in 2022. The challenge for OSHA is that the rule’s requirements will have to be precise and per OSHA, the agency must go through 46 steps to enact a rule, 39 of which are dictated by laws passed by Congress or White House executive orders. The rule is currently at step 20, conducting a small business review, which is a requirement set by law that all significant OSHA rules must fulfill.

To read the entire update from FCA, please follow the link below to our new legislative updates page .

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